bashlib - shorthand library for bash

bashlib provides basic functions, when you used bash shell as script engine.[[BR]] 
bashlib runs on bash ver3 pre-installed in Ubuntu, MacOS X, and so on.[[BR]] 
It is not necessary to check previous stuation and not to check error after. Then code becomes simple.[[BR]] 
It reduces short option and special sign. Then code can be readable and searchable.[[BR]] 
It stops, if error was raised and it shows the function name and file name. (fail safe)[[BR]] 
It raises error, if it tried to remove the file out of specified writable folder. (fool proof)[[BR]] 
You can test the error and resume from errors by structured exception.[[BR]] 
You can fix faster by step runnning.[[BR]] 
Online Document ... (sorry Japanese only)[[BR]] 
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